A free SDK for connectivity with FUSION-LINK audio systems

Open Source Entertainment for any accessory

FUSION-Link Lite is an open source entertainment control platform that allows any accessory manufacturer the opportunity to network with FUSION's superior entertainment equipment.
Control the FUSION audio from any device, the only limitation to our protocol is your imagination. If music can enhance your customers experience with your product, then FUSION can help. 

Designed by the same team that made FUSION-Link the marine entertainment standard, FUSION-Link Lite is direct audio control for everybody.

Whether you are building a steering wheel, or developing a mobile application, you can now tap into the power of FUSION-Link. 
By registering as a developer you gain access to the open source API specification and implementation documentation, which will guide you on your development project. To gain developer access you must first agree to our terms and conditions, this includes information on our branding spec.
We've made the process as streamlined as possible to ensure as many accessory manufacturers can adopt FUSION-Link Lite. 

Join other world leading manufacturers such as Garmin, Gussi, Isotta and who are already supporting FUSION-Link Lite across their product range.

Join other world leading manufactures such as Garmin, Gussi, Isotta and who are alreasy supporting FUSION-Link Lite across their product range

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Get to know FUSION-Link Lite



Whether you're a steering wheel manufacturer, smartwatch designer, digital switching provider of anything in between, the provided documentation allows for straight forward implementation of the protocol.

The adaptive code allows FUSION-Link Lite to operate over multiple network protocols including: NMEA 2000, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


FUSION-Link Lite is supported across the FUSION product range, allowing you to cater your accessory to any number of segments.

The greatest advantage of developing with FUSION-Link Lite is the assurance that FUSION is committed to extending the support of this protocol across to any new addition to the product family.

The current list of supported stereos include:MS-UD750 and MS-AV750 - NMEA 2000, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BluetoothMS-UD650, MS-AV650 - NMEA 2000 and BluetoothMS-RA70N, MS-BB100 - NMEA 2000 and BluetoothMS-RA70 - Bluetooth


Take advantage of the smart open source code to engineer your accessory for music.

Control commands include:
- Play/Pause Track
- Volume Up/Down
- Skip Track/Previous Track
- Next Source/Previous Source
- Mute On/Off


As a registered FUSION-Link Lite developer you have the ability to leverage the prestigious FUSION brand and incorporate the easily identifiable FUSION-Link Lite logo onto your website, packaging or any other marketing collateral.

To ensure the continued success of the FUSION brand, any instance of logo usage must be submitted for approval. The process is simple: Log in, submit and we'll review.


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FUSION-Link is an open source entertainment standard, designed for any accessory manufacturer to integrate FUSION audio onto their product. If you have any queries about implementation or any technical concerns feel free to send our support staff an email and we will endeavor to guide you through the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I switch to NMEA display mode on my NRX200i remote when in stereo mode?

Simply press and hold the source button until the NMEA screen is displayed . To return to the Audio mode simply  press the menu button.

+What is the NMEA LEN rating for the NRX200i Remote?

The NRX200i Remote is rated LEN:3

+My Fusion-Link Wireless Application Displays “No Stereos Available”

The first thing to check is that you are connected to the correct wireless network for the 700 series. Once you have confirmed this  close the App on the device and restart it (consult the manufacturers website for instructions on restarting) . If this fails check that you have a valid IP address on the 700 series.

+What are my options for connecting FUSION remote controls to FUSION stereos?

MS-NRX200 Marine Wired Remote Controls can be installed throughout the vessel to provide full control of multiple FUSION Marine Stereos, creating flexible zone control and NMEA2000 monitoring solutions. The MS-NRX200 is a plug and play device with two connection options.

Connect the remote control to your FUSION Marine Stereo with the standard cable kit provided with your purchase. The standard cable kit supplied with your product in NOT NMEA 2000 compatible.

1 x 6M Extension Cable
2 x T-Connector
1 x Terminator (Male)
1 x Terminator (Female)

Note: If you install the remote control using the standard FUSION cable kit provided with the remote control, NMEA2000 repeater functions are not available

An existing NMEA 2000 network can be used to connect the remote control to your FUSION Marine Stereo. FUSION NMEA2000 connection kits are available separately for this purpose.

The FUSION cable kit MS-N2KCONN will be required for each FUSION device connected to the NMEA2000 network.
MS-N2KCONN - NMEA2000 Connection Pack
1 x NMEA2000 T-Connector
1 x Drop Cable FUSION to NMEA2000 Micro-C5

The remote control can be configured to display available NMEA2000 data on the network such as water depth, vessel speed and basic navigation data. Refer to xxxxx for a full list NMEA 2000 sentences displayed by the remote control.

+What marine devices or accessories are powered by the NMEA 2000 network?

FUSION uses the NMEA 2000 network to share data between devices and remote control devices. Our head units are powered using a directly connected power cable that is connected to the power source of the boat. Our NRX200 remote controls are powered from the NMEA 2000 network.

• MS-IP700 Marine Stereo for iPod (powered directly from supplied power cable)
• MS-AV700 Marine DVD Stereo (powered directly from supplied power cable)
• MS-NRX200 Remote Control and NMEA 2000 Display (powered from the NMEA 2000 network)

+What NMEA 2000 data does my NRX-200 Remote Control Display?

127250: Vessel Heading (Magnetic Heading, Correction, Deviation)
128259: Speed Water referenced (Speed Water, Speed Ground)
128267: Water Depth (Depth at transducer, transducer offset)
129025: Position Rapid Update (Latitude, Longitude)
129026: COG & SOG Rapid Update
129029: GNSS Position Data (Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude)
130306: Wind Data (Speed, Direction, Reference)
130310: Environmental Parameters (Water Temperature, Outside Ambient Air Temp, Atmospheric pressure)
130311: Environmental Parameters (Deprecated) (Temperature Instance, Humidity Instance, Temp, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure)
130312: Temperature (Instance, Source, Actual)
130314: Actual Pressure
130577: Direction Data (Course Over Ground, Speed Over Ground, Heading, Speed Through Water)
129284: Navigation Data (ETA)

+What FUSION marine devices and accessories are NMEA 2000 Compatible?

FUSION makes devices that are NMEA 2000 compatible. These devices use NMEA 2000 to communicate with each other. NMEA 2000 is a faster language protocol than NMEA 0183 and will allow much more data to be shared between devices.
Here is a list of NMEA 2000 compatible FUSION products:

• MS-IP700 Marine Stereo for iPod

• MS-IP700i True Marine Entertainment System for iPod

• MS-AV700 Marine DVD Stereo

• MS-AV700i True Marine Entertainment System for DVD

• MS-NRX200 Remote Control and NMEA 2000 Display

• MS-NRX200i Remote Control and NMEA 2000 Display

• MS-RA205 True Marine Stereo

+My FUSION-Link wireless remote Application will not connect to my 700 series stereo.

The first thing to check is that the 700 series is displaying a valid IP address on the about screen. Select the settings menu then about to confirm. If the display is " IPNone " the router is either not a compatible DHCP product or not configured correctly. If the IP address starts with the prefix 169. it is not valid, this is a default address when the router is not sending a DHCP generated IP address or is configured incorrectly.Please review the Router's instruction manual or contact the manufacturers website for technical help.