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Launching the Apollo Series in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thursday May 17, 2018

The US Apollo Launch was held at the Bahia Mar Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Home to the famous Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, it made the perfect place for the US Apollo product launch with the water right on its back doorsteps.

With the entire marine industry represented, with the exception of only a couple, the event was staged to be a huge one, but first cue USA sales training with Dan Soeters!

The four day event started with a full day of sales training in the conference room with a couple of hours out on the water to see and hear the products in action. By the end of the training, we had the whole sales team revved up, excited, but most importantly educated on the range and ready to get out there and sell Apollo!

A working breakfast and presentation by the industry’s most ‘colorful’ Kiwis kicked off the press event the next day. Managing Director Chris Baird, Engineering Manager Graham Brain and Marketing Manager Marcus Hamilton talked about Fusion’s business strategy, industry direction, product engineering and the Apollo brand. With four boats doing runs up the intracoastal, and six boats kitted out in total with our new equipment, the press waited patiently for the funny accents to wrap up so they could see the versatility, features and benefits of our new products, and experience the power of Apollo for themselves. 

Natalie Kelly and Rob Nye from Sea Ray attended the event to support the launch of the Apollo Series and the announcement of the exclusive Sea Ray and Fusion partnership! “We are proud to offer our innovative audio solutions to Sea Ray’s discerning clientele,” said Chris Baird, managing director of Fusion Entertainment. Read more about this partnership here… now back to the excitement of the Apollo event!

Sea Ray brought with them an SDX 290 kitted out with the only flat mounted RA770 integrated into the custom Sea Ray dash, showcasing the elegant, premium installation option available. Matched with 2 pairs of Signature Series speakers running off the RA770’s built-in Class-D amplifier, it showcased the true power and quality of our new Fusion DSP, alongside the Sea Ray lifestyle.

Also on the water was a Regal 25 Surf/Wake fitted with the Apollo RA770, 6 x 7.7” Signature Series speakers, a 10” Signature Series subwoofer, a Signature Series amplifier and NRX300 wired remote. Set up to produce some serious sound, Regal made the most of highlighting a great setup for a day out on the water!

The Grady White Freedom 325 featured a similar setup, with an Apollo RA770, NRX300, 6 x 6.5” Signature Series speakers, a 20” Signature Series subwoofer and a Signature Series amplifier. Heading up the intracoastal hearing about the engineering behind the FUSION DSP and then experiencing it firsthand up on plane was incredible for all on board!

Steve from Team Tuppen’s was rocking the intracoastal on his Jupiter kitted out with an Apollo RA770, an incredible 12 x 7.7” Signature Series speakers, 3 x 10” Signature Series subwoofers and 4 x Signature Series amplifiers. The quality of sound (and volume!) coming from this boat was insane, highlighting just how much power you can produce with the Apollo and Signature Series combined.

The Leopard 51 Catamaran demonstrated an impressive range with our new Panel-Stereo, Apollo RA770, SRX400, 3 x NRX300 wired remotes, 8 x 7.7” Signature Series speakers, a 10” Signature Series subwoofer, 2 x Signature Series amplifiers and a Sound Panel all combining to showcase the convenience and versatility of PartyBus and Multi-Zone technology. All in all there were 7 different areas of the boat geared up with Fusion audio entertainment - not to mention it made a great location for afternoon lunch and truly showcased the room and entertainment space available on the Leopard Cats!

Peter, a Florida born and bred, brought down his fully kitted out StreamLine which boasted 6 x 8.8” Signature Series speakers, 3 x 10” Signature Series subwoofers and 4 x Signature Series amplifiers all run from the Apollo RA770! You can only imagine the incredible volume and quality of sound that this StreamLine was producing. Big sound, high quality audio reproduction and a few air guitar solos made for a perfect way to end the day - Big thanks, Peter!

The Rushton Gregory boys were on site doing what they do best: running world class press events. Making sure everything ran smoothly, they ensured the press were looked after and that we were all well fed and hydrated – which is critical in the marine industry! 

Post-event drinks rounded off the information-packed few days, giving us a chance to delve deeper into what each attendee really enjoyed with valuable one-on-one time. The common themes? Everyone was very impressed with the RA770’s elegant form factor, as well as the outstanding sound quality produced by the Apollo Series, especially with our Signature Series range. Fusion’s strength as industry leaders and how passionate our team is really stood out to the press, highlighting again how fortunate we are to have such a strong team behind us.

Overall the USA launch for the Apollo Series was a huge success, which was only possible due to a lot of hard work from our exceptional team all over the world. Thank you to everyone who has contributed along the way, big or small! We can’t wait to see where the next chapter with the world-class Apollo Series will take us.
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