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Your favorite app just got better

Wednesday March 9, 2016

Everyone’s favorite entertainment remote control app just got better, with a new release posted to the iTunes and Google Play store.

Version 1.1.0 Build 46 of the FUSION-Link Apple and Android app includes new functionality and adds support to three new stereo models.

For owners of 650 and 750 marine entertainment systems the latest Digital Audio Broadcast source (DAB) is now accessible via the app. Browse ensemble, scan stations and select predefined presets right from your smartphone anywhere within range around the vessel. Station information and program type/category are displayed on the app screen for added convenience.

Digital Audio Broadcast radio is quickly becoming the new standard in Europe with many Scandinavian countries closing the FM band. By purchasing the FUSION MS-DAB100A DAB module and active antenna package you can futureproof your stereo with endless hours of talk back or rocking tunes, while navigating the station from your smartphone app.

Introduced earlier this year, the FUSION MS-RA70, MS-RA70N and MS-BB100 add further depth to the already extensive range of entertainment systems available for vessels of any shape and size. These three new stereos have just been given a welcome update with the news that the wireless app will now operate all three models via Bluetooth. Tune your radio on the move, select the next music track from your USB source or skip to the next song streamed song via Bluetooth directly from any Apple or Android smartphone with the FUSION-Link app.

Adjust zone volume control, adjust individual zones and even name zones from the app, all without leaving the comfort of the aft deck or your favorite fishing spot.

The FUSION-Link app has also been updated to support additional languages as part of our commitment to global support. Those of us who speak Dutch, French, Italian, German or Spanish can rejoice in the fact that the multi-language user interface our stereos support is now mirrored by the FUSION-Link app.

To download the app for the first time visit:

Google Play:


or search FUSION-Link on your smartphone inside the app store.
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